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When art meets tech

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Ngày tham gia: 29 Oct 2007
Số bài: 3659

Bài gửiGửi: Wed May 13, 2009 9:51 pm    Tiêu đề: When art meets tech

When art meets tech

Sculptures made from old computer parts, futuristic cyber artworks ... what happens when technology and art collide?

Abstract tech... "Mr Sassy" was brought to life at the Ontario Science centre where, according to Flickr user Loozrboy: "They had an area where you could rip apart old computer components and slap them back together into works of art." / Flickr user


Varella and Nilton Maltz in honour of Palo Alto's role in the establishment of Silicon Valley. Digital DNA is made entirely of recycled computer parts and is the designer's second attempt at the artwork. The first was burned down during a warehouse fire in May 1994. / Flickr user Wonderlane

That's rubbish... a mixture of old computer parts and household appliances at the Eden Project in Cornwall, England. To get an idea of the scale of the "rubbishbot", his teeth are made of computer mice. / Flickr user Markles55

Chip trivet... want to impress geeky friends next time you cook? How about an artistic trivet on which to rest your hot pot. This handy kitchen accessory is made from old computer chips, industrial glue, a tile and grout. / Flickr user Oskay

What you make... created during Re-make 2008, a DIY festival that allowed teams to create projects after picking through piles of discarded items, this menacing skull allows you to see what it sees. / Flickr user Vonguard

rvant. According to the description: "This relief has been substantially altered over the years. Originally, it took the form of a shallow naiskos, or three-sided grave monument, but three elements have been cut away." Originally carved circa 100 B.C, thousands of years of alterations have made it look like the the carved beauty is accessing her laptop. It even comes complete with dual headphone jacks. / Flickr user Florian

Predator... festival-goers at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) electronics fair in Berlin, 2006, had a predator among them. With a protruding external disk drive tongue, the menacing creation taunted its prey. / Reuters /Tobias Schwarz

es by the "Rogue Entomologist" Judith G. Klausner. "I am additionally intrigued by the human tendency- and my own - to anthropomorphize," she says on her blog. "As we know no other way of existing than that which we have experienced- namely, the experience of a person... If the insect has a human face, does it have an intellect like ours?" / Flickr user Moyix

Light up... the Cyber cube, a futurist art work by French artist Serge Salat, was displayed at the first French technology exhibition in Thailand in 1996. The design by Salat included 288 installations of 5mm thick mirrors. This reflected transparent materials and different coloured lights. / AFP

Religious tech... an amalgamation of tech, religion and art, this recycled artwork depicts the crucifixion of Jesus. This work is made of CDs, motherboards and IDE cables. / Flickr user downing.amanda

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